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OCT 2012

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PR ODUCT PR OFILE Flying Food Delivers With Hybrid Truck Regenerative brake system provides power to truck and scissor lift. By Steve Smith T here's one catering truck out of some 200 high-lift vehicles that drivers from the Flying Food Group operate with a bit more care. "We tell them that they should drive it like their grandmother would – if, of course, she drove a catering truck with a scissors lift out on the ramp," says Greg Brown, vice president of procurement for the Chicago-based airline caterer. That's because every time a driver steps on the brake in the company's newest vehicle a regenerative braking system provides the power to raise the lift and drive the truck. There's much more to the driver's training than advice to act like Grandma, but slow and steady is what wins this race. "You don't just hop in the driver's seat, turn the key and take off," Brown says. "We had plenty of training to operate the vehicle since there are specific procedures to follow to make this truck work its best." Such a braking system sounds counter-intuitive at first. Brakes stop power; they don't create power. Or Global Ground Support supplied the rear body and scissor lift for the hybrid truck. Visit Garsite at CELEBRATING 60 YEARS Booth # 1946 ADVANTAGES FLOW WITH GARSITE. do they? We think the best advice to think about this is to keep an eye on the "re" in "regeneration." When those two letters are fixed before a word, it means both "backward" and "again." Typically, we all slam on the brakes in our car and that energy of slowing and stopping a 2,000-pound vehicle is wasted as friction turns that energy into heat, which does a number on your brake pads before dissipating in the air. REUSING ENERGY With a regenerative braking system, we're going backward and using the energy again. And, of course, consid- ering a catering truck weighs many times more than a car, we're starting out with that much more energy. To create the system, the truck's WWW.GARSITE.COM 24 GROUND SUPPORT WORLDWIDE r 0DUPCFS engine is about the only thing under the hood that isn't a part of Eaton's patented electric hybrid system. The engine is coupled with Eaton's UltraShift® automated manual trans- mission and clutch.

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