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MAR 2014

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MARCH 2014 • 25 the liner the way you want them in the drawer, leaving a 1-inch margin around the edge. • LODGE Press each tool individually into its place by applying frm pres- sure. This will make a permanent indentation for storing your tool. For larger hand tools, it may be easi- er to press one end of the tool at a time, slowly rocking it. Make an indentation deep enough to hold the tool. Once the impression of the tool has been start- ed, if it's a very sturdy tool like a metal wrench, you can tap the tool further with a small non-marking hammer. • GRIP TOOL Use the grip tool to create thumb-sized indentations for easier access to the lodged tools. ToolLodge™ is made to ft drawers ranging from 8 inches to 32 7/8 inches wide and from 8 inches to 22 7/8 inches deep. For drawers wider than 33 inch- es, two units can be used side-by-side to cover the complete drawer. Each liner has an overall height of about 1 1/8 inches and works best in drawers with clearance heights of about 2 inches to 4 inches, and comes in black, red and blue. Color samples are available by request. Young says the ToolLodge™ works best with sturdy hand tools or objects such as sockets, drivers, screwdrivers and wrenches. She does not recom- mend pressing or tapping plastic tools, tools with large surface areas or tools with fragile mechanisms, such as tape measures, large pipe wrenches, torque wrenches and calipers. She also adds that the system is not recommended for on-board tool storage. MODEL MT65P21 "EXPRESS HEAT" DEICER Tel - 7 15-7 35-6440, MO DEL MT65P21 " EXPRESS HEAT" DEICER Simple, Dependable and Affordable "Express Heat" reliability, easy access maintenance, extend reach capabilities, and lowest cost of operation is why we are the "Premier" deicer manufacturer. The "Premier" Model MT65P21 "Express Heat" Deicer utilizes the Versalift Extended Reach Model VST6000 Aerial lift, providing 65' of working height. More important, the MT65P21 incorporates the Premier boom forward design to provide the maximum amount of reach off the front of the vehicle utilizing the rapid deploy down riggers. During mobile operations, side reach of 34' and vertical reach of 46' can easily be accomplished. Product Benefts • Gain effciency by keeping tools visible and accessible inside a tool cabinet. Eliminates the wasted time spent searching for tools or snapping tools out of traditional organizers. • Reduce tool loss by identifying missing tools with just a glance. • Look sharp. Considering the investment made in tools and pride most techs take in using them, the ToolLodge is not just functional. gsm_24-25_ProductProfile_V3.indd 25 3/11/14 9:03 AM

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