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14 GROUND SUPPORT WORLDWIDE • MARCH 2014 The GAP program developed informa- tion and products in the form of "e-tools" designed to eliminate accidents and in- cidents on airport ramps and adjacent taxiways, and during the movement of aircraft into and out of hangars. Among the e-tools developed by the GAP program features a "Ground Acci- dent Prevention Cost Model." This tool was developed after a pioneering data collection effort. The cost model requires users to enter the number of fights han- dled in one year, the percentage of nar- row-body (single-aisle) and wide-body (twin-aisle) aircraft. In the model the in- cident rate and the personal injury rate are entered by default as the industry averages per 1,000 fights calculated at the time of program development. If a given operator is experiencing different rates, these can be entered instead of using industry averages, in particular in view of the fact that rates might have changed as compared to when GAP pro- grams data were collected. Once data are input and the calculation button is pressed, the model displays the overall costs in U.S. dollars (direct plus indirect). It should be borne in mind that the output fgures are only valid so long as industry averages apply, while after 10 years from the launch of the GAP pro- gram safety performance on the ramp (and thus industry averages) might have improved and consequently cost fgures may result higher than they actually are, it is also true that because of infation incident and personal injury costs are higher today than they were 10 ago, thus making the output fgures quite possibly enough representative of actual ground accident costs incurred. Another e-tool developed by the GAP program is a set of three videos on towing corporate/business aircraft. Each of the videos has a duration of approximately 12 minutes: • The frst video provides best practices for the safe use of aircraft-tow vehicles. • The second provides best practices for safely towing aircraft. Columbus JACK/Regent "The Strength of Experience" Hand Carry Axle Jacks 3 to 25 Tons WE KNOW GSE! 2222 S. Third St., Columbus OH 43207 Ph: (614) 443-7492 Fax: (614) 444-9337 ■ ISO 9001:2008 Fly-A-Way Axle Jacks 35 to 95 Tons Wheel & Brake Dollies Single Acting Alligator Axle Jacks 35 to 95 Tons Portable Floor Cranes Bead Breakers Power Retract™ Alligator Axle Jacks 65 to 95 Tons Tripod Jacks 3 Tons to 125 Tons gsm_10-15_CoverStory_V4.indd 14 3/11/14 8:46 AM

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