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The input signal is provided by a three position selector switch, used as an aircraft type selector. The present limits are set for drawbar pulls of 5,230 pounds and 6,140 pounds. A lower value can be programmed to allow for 3,900 pounds. Regenerative Brakes: The electric vehicle is charged in part thanks to the ve- hicle's main regenerative braking system. But the vehicle also has a foot pedal-actuated brake as a secondary braking system. And the emergency/parking brake system is automatically set anytime the operator leaves the platform or when the vehicle loses electrical/hydraulic power. One-Man Operation: With the Softcapture, aircraft pushback and towing can be improved to a one-man operation. Without the strap, Tronair fgures that alone saves a couple of minutes for each pushback. One hundred pushbacks a day adds up to 200 minutes saved times 365 days. "It adds up to massive amounts of hours and dollars saved when you consider what that time costs to the airlines," Kurzdorfer adds. Capturing Basics The Softcapture allows pushbacks and towing of aircraft without straps and without touching the oleo strut or any part of the nose landing gear. When the cradle is down, the tires sit between 45-degree plates at the front and rear of the cradle. When the cradle is raised, it is titled back at a 15-degree angle. The aircraft tires are 2-3 inches off the ground. The capacity of the cradle is 10,000 pounds, vertical lift (tilt). Draw bar capacity is 7,000 pounds. Capture range is from 17.5-inch O.D. tires to 24-inch O.D. tires: • Connect the aircraft nose landing gear from the driver's cockpit or at the fender next to the NLG. • All contact is made on the aircraft tires. • Throttle speed limit safety switch reduces the JETPorter's speed when approaching the aircraft. • Forward motion safety switch disengages the throttle when the forward motion safety bar contacts the NLG, and prevents the operator from pushing on the tire. • The gate lock and cradle locator safety switch locates the cradle and stops the "cradle down" movement when the cradle is lowered. (The gate lock prevents "cradle open" movement when the cradle is up.) • The parking brake release safety switch allows the JETPorter to "roll" during capture so the aircraft doesn't have to move. • Designed to ft most common dual nose-wheel regional aircraft. • Controlled acceleration and deceleration via joystick-operation throttle. MODEL MT65P21 "EXPRESS HEAT" DEICER The "Premier" Model MT65P21 "Express Heat" Deicer utilizes the Versalift Extended Reach Model VST6000 Aerial lift, providing 65' of working height. More important, the MT65P21 incorporates the Premier boom forward design to provide the maximum amount of reach off the front of the vehicle utilizing the rapid deploy down riggers. During mobile operations, side reach of 34' and vertical reach of 46' can easily be Simple, Dependable and Affordable accomplished. "Express Heat" reliability, easy access maintenance, extend reach capabilities, and lowest cost of operation is why we are the "Premier" deicer manufacturer. Tel - 715-735-6440, APRIL 2013 • 9

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