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PRODUCT PROFILE Clifford Hannay preferred the hands-on work of his business and left the desk work for others. Eric and his sister, Elaine Hannay Gruener, COO, represent the fourth generation to steer the family business. The "family" business also extends to its employees. The company is by far the largest employer in the county. And in such a small town environment, Eric says the average length of employment is currently 20 years with a lot of sons working alongside fathers or brothers and brothers or husbands and wives. "We have a lot of know-how that is hard to replace," Eric says, "so if we know an employee with a great work ethic has a younger brother or sister, why wouldn't we interview them?" While our readers know the company by way of the aviation fueling industry, over the years the company has made hose and cable reels ranging from models small enough to store fber optic cable all the way up to reels 10 feet in diameter used for ship-to-shore bulk oil transfer. Its full line of product includes air WE HAVE STAIRS FROM RJ TO A340 CHASSIS MOUNTED AND TOWABLE PNX-CMPPS96/150 NARROW BODY STAIR ALSO: LAVATORY AND WATER SERVICE CARTS & TRUCKS MAINTENANCE LIFTS BELT LOADERS PHOENIX 3000 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE 3 FT. PIERCE, FL 34946 PHONE: (772) 595-6386 / FAX: (772) 595-6389 EMAIL: WEBSITE: 26 GROUND SUPPORT WORLDWIDE • APRIL 2013 hose reels for pneumatic tools and machinery; water hose reels for washdown, power-washing, potable water or in-plant fre protection; dual hose reels for oxygen/acetylene welding; hydraulic hose reels for powering tools and machinery; and hose reels for fuel, antifreeze and off-road lubrication. The company also supplies to the OEM TIMELINE 1933: Clifford B. Hannay builds his frst hose reel thanks to a bag of parts and a trip to the junk yard for others from the rear axle of a Model T. The frst hose reel built by Clifford Clifford originally has a Hannay in 1933 business partner, but the partner later sell his shares for $250 in 1934. The company is renamed Clifford B. Hannay & Son. 1940s: Despite the company name, Clifford actually has two sons, Dwight and George. Dwight was one of the Clifford's frst employees, while George had a career as a tire salesman and later By the 1940s, Clifford Hannay's two sons, with General ElecDwight and George, had tric before joining joined the business. the family business. Clifford takes care of the home front, with his wife, Hazel, who helps with book-keeping. The brothers take to the road to promote and sell the company's products. 1950s: The company purchases an Aero Commander to travel to customers. By this time, the company was producing about 3,600 reels a year. 1960s: Clifford passes away in 1962. Dwight dies in 1965 while fying his helicopter. George forges ahead, and by the mid-1960s, he's joined by his son, Roger, and Dwight's son, Robert. 1970s: By this time, exporting becomes more commonplace. Another hot spot for growth is in its Custom Reel Department. Meanwhile, George's other son, David, develops the company's frst business and accounting software programs and brings the company into the computer age.

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