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INTERNATIONAL "Swissport is committed to continuing to build our services in Brazil as its aviation market expands, sharing the benefts of Swissport's international experience." Swissport appears to be largest ground handler in Brazil, entering the market in 1997 and breaking a stranglehold on the country's ground handling market held by Brazil's Servicos Auxiliares de Transporte Aereo (SATA), which was established in the 1950s. AEROSERVICIOS As we researched this story, we had the good luck to run into Gabriel Serrano and Guillermo Gonzalez, both of Aeroservicios Ground Support Equipment, Miami, FL, at last month's AviationPros LIVE in Las Vegas, NV, and who both knew a thing or two about the GSE market throughout Latin America. "The South American GSE market is really made up of two markets," Serrano says. "One market is for Brazil and the other market is for all others. It really is two different worlds." Established in 1996, Aeroservicios has quietly grown to be one of the biggest suppliers of refurbished GSE worldwide. More than 70 technicians and mechanics work out of its more than 110,000 square foot Miami warehouse. The facility includes a sandblasting booth, paint booth, assembly line, engine and transmission shop, spare parts and stock area. The company has more than 1,300 pieces of GSE in stock from towbars to cargo loaders. As part of the business, its GSE-Rentals division also offers rental programs for all GSE needs. "We work with some ground handlers in Brazil, and all of them are worried on how to handle such a big volume in fights No Jet Bridges For LAN While our focus is on Brazil as it prepares for the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, one of our favorite aviation bloggers, The Cranky Flier, related an interesting ground handling business dealing in Argentina that's hard not to pass along. After lauding the business sense of recent airline mergers in Latin America, such as LAN and TAM and Avianca and TACA, blogger Brett Synder laments the government funds that continue to prop up Argentina's stateowned Aerolineas Argentinas, which has the dubious distinction of being an airline that was state-run, then privatized, only to be renationalized in 2008. In translating an article published in La Nacion, Argentina's daily newspaper, Synder outlines fve ways that government support hurts LAN Airlines, based in Chile, in particular and competition in general. We point your interest to just one that means LAN cannot have passenger bridges at any airports in Argentina. "Back in 2010, a law was apparently passed 12 GROUND SUPPORT WORLDWIDE • APRIL 2013

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