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DECEMBER 2016/JANUARY 2017 27 PRODUCT PROFILE leaving that plane on the ramp and delaying turnaround. In addition to simplifying the fueling process and providing maintenance data, a number of safety measures are implemented through the FTA system, including overfill protection and fueler certification verification. "Not over-fueling is a very important part of this," Conley says. "We deploy a device that goes on the fueling equipment called a Fuel Data Unit." The Fuel Data Unit connects with its own valve to act as a secondary dead-man to control the flow of fuel. It also communicates to the handheld, mobile device to inform the fueler how much fuel has been pumped. Avoiding over-fueling situations elimnates the defueling process and keeps departures on time. The system prevents fuelers from being assigned tasks they are not certified for, help- ing airlines reduce risks and potential fines. "In the U.S., many times fuelers are not fuelers for their career. So it is a very short- term position for folks, in general," Conley explains, adding QT Technologies will inter- face on a direct basis with an airline's certifi- cation system to ensure a dispatcher doesn't erroneously assign a flight to somebody who isn't certified. "It tells the dispatcher this person is no longer certified for this type of aircraft," he says. "It forces them to dispatch it to a fueler that is certified." The FTA system provides benefits to sup- pliers, delivering pre- and post-reconciled data and sharing that information with into-plane companies and airlines. QT Technologies pro- vides its services to commercial aviation oper- ations, primarily, but also works with general aviation companies and, recently, FBOs. Conley says the biggest operation is in Atlanta, where 1,100 flights per day at Harts- field International Airport are fueled. But he says there are also operations utilizing FTA where only five flights per day take place. The system, which has been deployed globally, requires a subscription to use the service in addition to equipment that needs to be deployed. Conley says QT Technologies can help fueling events be as efficient as possible by reducing trips between the ramp and the shop, avoiding mistakes and making fuel operations safer. "We're trying to do as much as possible to get rid of paper and this inefficient process, as it exists today, and migrate to having every- thing done electronically – having the last good data and having our device read automatically from the fuel equipment so somebody's not responsible for getting things right, calculating numbers and filling out forms." 3 6 0 ° + 1 - 9 0 4 - 2 1 7 - 0 4 9 6 w w w . t n a - a v i a t i o n . c o m R u g g e d & R e l i a b l e U n i v e r s a l & E a s y t o U s e U p t o 4 0 % h i g h e r H a n g a r S p a c e U t i l i z a t i o n R e v o l u t i o n a r y & P a t e n t e d 3 6 0 ° R o t a t i n g & N o s e G e a r L i f t i n g T e c h n o l o g y R e m o t e O p e r a t e d A i r c r a f t T u g s w w w Electric GSE Solutions for Aviation Proud supplier of the following brands:

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