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18 GROUND SUPPORT WORLDWIDE DECEMBER 2016/JANUARY 2017 INTERNATIONAL handling business. I think nobody from the ground handling business would oppose anything that concerns safety and security measures at airports," says Hanno. "We do abide with the regulations enforced by the local authorities (the air- port police and the civil aviation authority) regarding safety and security and we do make sure that our staff and team mem- bers also conform to what we are supposed to comply with, in particular, with regard to security, that if anything looks suspicious it has to be reported immediately," he adds. "Maintaining safety and security standards is a matter of image at the very end, it is not just the image of the ground handling company but it is also the image of a whole country. It can also affect the image of the airlines, these are our customers and if, for safety or security reasons, our customers stop coming to a destination that we - as a ground handling company – serve, then we are out of business, it is as simple as that". The standard practice is that the aviation threat level is determined by the authorities. "This threat level is communicated to ground service providers and the carrier community and 'commensurate' measures are adopted both within the terminal, on the ramp and in the cargo facilities. It would be fair to say that many of the security mea- sures - certainly in the UAE - take the form of covert operations although there are, of course, highly visible measures in place," says Conway. "Airport security in the Mid- dle East is typically the remit of the police and/or the military. The role of the han- dler is to follow the requirements of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP). This outlines baggage reconcilia- MORE THAN JACKS Call Us Today for a quote! 614.443.7492 Dollies for Wheels & Brakes Portable Floor Cranes Tire Bead Breakers

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